JAKE HULSE (Writer/Director).  Jake Hulse is one of the founding members of Happy Wasteland Studios.  He has been writing and directing films since his first claymation movies in middle school.  Jake started his filmmaking career at the concession counter of his local cineplex.  He’d begged them to let him be an usher, but he wasn’t old enough and the closest he ever got to working in the theatre was shelling out bags of popcorn in the main lobby.  A graduate of Northeastern University, he originally pursued a career in law enforcement, before switching gears to focus more squarely on his filmmaking career.  He served as Director of Photography for Happy Wasteland’s first feature film, “The Answer,” directed by Wade Wofford, which was an official selection of the 2016 Canada International Film Festival.

MICHAEL HAAS (Producer/VFX Artist).  Michael Haas is another of the founding members of Happy Wasteland.  He is heavily involved in all phases of pre-production, production and post-production on the company’s short and feature films.  Michael created the visual FX for Happy Wasteland’s first feature film, “The Answer.” He also worked as the VFX artist on “Dark Origins” – which won “Best Narrative Short” at the Fright Night Film Fest and the LA Cinema Festival of Hollywood.  For “Heroes Don’t Come Home,” he served as both producer and VFX artist.

WADE WOFFORD (Director of Photography).  Wade Wofford is the remaining founding member of Happy Wasteland. Born and raised near Atlanta, his passion for film work began with self-made pinhole cameras and his father’s Vietnam-relic Nikon F.  A graduate of the Los Angeles Film School, the University of Georgia and the Meisner School, he has worked on independent and full-budget TV and film productions in Atlanta, New York and L.A.  Wade’s first feature as a writer/director, “Perception,” won the “Royal Reel Award in Filmmaking” at the Canada International Film Festival.  The most current film he wrote and directed, “The Answer” is currently on the festival circuit.

KELLY HENSHAW (Producer).  Kelly Henshaw has an Associates Degree in Visual Arts and a BA in Liberal Arts from Baypath University.  Kelly Henshaw first worked with Happy Wasteland Studios on a short film entitled the “Iroquois Project.”  She continued to support them as they worked on Wade Wofford’s feature film “The Answer.”  As the company wrapped that film Kelly offered to step in and produce “Heroes Don’t Come Home,” on which she wore a number of hats including production designer, UPM, and location scout.


MEGAN CARNES (Composer).  Megan Carnes is an Austin, Texas-based composer.  Able to compose scores in multiple genres - including orchestral, folk and electronic – she has produced music for feature films, shorts, video games, television, commercials and other visual media. Her vast library of work includes “The Video Dating Tape of Desmondo Ray” (SXSW official selection, AACTA nominee), Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s Emmy-winning “hitRECord on TV” and the stunning neo-noir film, “Faith in Destiny.”

DEMI ROWAN  (Beauty & Special FX Artist).  Demi Rowan’s work has been featured in well-known music videos involving members of Seven Dust, the ABC-TV show “LIVE with Kelly and Michael,” promotional spots for Curtain Call Costume and many other productions.  She attended the Make-Up Designory school in New York City, where she perfected her craft and discovered a talent for special effects.